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AR Webinar Course – Social Media Marketing

Social media is a natural fit for real estate.
In this course, we discuss some techniques you can use to market your business on social media.


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Course Curriculum

How to get referrals from Facebook without annoying your friends and followers 00:57:00
How Social Media can Increase your Repeat Business by 77% 01:19:00
Mega Facebook Success Tools With CityBlast – Crush Your 2016 Facebook Marketing 01:03:00
7 Awesome Social Media Marketing Strategies 01:06:00
How to Make Money with Instagram 00:55:00
How to Market Your Business on Facebook WITHOUT Annoying Your Friends & Family 01:01:00
Demystifying Facebook Advertising – How to Turn Ads Into Leads 01:28:00
Need Facebook Leads? Too Busy to Manage Ad Campaigns?? Here’s The Solution. 00:57:00
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