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kwkly Demo – How To Generate More Leads With Your Listings

KWKLY (pronounced: quickly) is a text-to-lead service that allows you to generate some of the best leads in real estate, securing the cell phone number of prospects sitting directly in front of your listing. KWKLY is owned by ActiveRain.

In this live demo, John Lockhart and Bob Stewart show you how agents are using KWKLY to generate more leads with each listing.

In this demo you’ll learn:

1. How are agents using KWKLY to generate leads before they even list a home.

2. How KWKLY integrates with your MLS so property info is automatically ready to send to consumers with you having to do anything.

3. How KWKLY allows you to create quick codes so that you can send people any kind of information you want via text, when they request it.

4. How KWKLY can put an easy tool in the hands of your buyers so you always know what properties they are interested in when they go out and drive around the area in which they wish to buy.

5. How agents offer the KWKLY service to FSBO’s as a value add.

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