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Brivity is the best task management tool for real estate agents to communicate with their clients.


With Brivity’s custom task management tools, your team will become more efficient, have more time to spend doing things you actually get paid for, and eliminate expensive and outdated tools.

Optimized for maximum lead generation, our single property pages focus on only two things: You and your listing. Use Brivity’s advanced marketing tools to sell your listings for the most amount of money in the least amount of time.

With Brivity’s client logins, they will always be up to date with access to all the activity on their property, including marketing, completed tasks, feedback and more! Whenever an activity is completed your client will receive an email update creating a transparent, ongoing conversation so that everything you do is in direct communication with your clients.


To learn more about Brivity CRM or Brivity Valuations click on the free videos below and visit

Course Curriculum

What is Brivity FREE 00:02:00
Brivity CRM
BrivityCRM Demo FREE 00:06:00
BrivityCRM Training FREE 00:42:00
Brivity Valuations
Brivity Valuations Demo FREE 00:12:00
Brivity Valuations Best Practices – Part 1 FREE 00:20:00
Brivity Valuations Best Practices – Part 2 FREE 00:38:00
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