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Podcast Episode 14 – Loreena Yeo

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Insights for Success Episode 7 – Loreena Yeo

Born and raised in Malaysia, Loreena truly appreciates the opportunity to start a new life here in America with her husband since Summer 1996. She believes that opportunity is abundant for those who are willing to work hard and become a contributor to their local community.

Before entering real estate sales in 2003, Loreena was a structural engineer in her corporate America days. So, details and its nitty-gritty matter to Her. She pays extraordinary attention and focus to the accuracy of real estate contracts, effective home marketing plans and pride on her extensive market knowledge by keeping the geographical areas she works in manageable.
Most detail-oriented people lack the personal and human touch. They get too bogged down with details and they forget the world around them. Loreena finds herself with a unique blend of personalities where she is extremely sharing and understanding of people’s emotions and feelings as well as having the ability to bring her clients through a very emotional process in their lives.
Loreena has been called the Voice of Reason by her clients.

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July 19, 2016

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  1. Great stuff here – Loreena, you’re a great inspiration for anyone looking for real advice on how to succeed in real estate!

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