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Insights for Success Episode 18 – Gail Smith- New Agent Part 1

Gail Smith is a brand new agent with the Ben Kinney Team at Keller Williams.

She’s been in the business all of three weeks when this podcast was recorded.

In her first three weeks, she has already pended her first deal, has taken her first listing, and has another 8 clients that are going to transact in the next month

Three weeks ago, she knew zero of these people!

In this podcast, we discuss what she is doing to prospect for new business. How the thought of it scared her, how she was able to overcome that fear and how she actually looks forward to doing it now.We also discuss why she chose to join a team. What is circle prospecting and how she does it and how she is going to get to 36 deals in her first year.

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September 20, 2016

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